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Ohashi & Horn LLP represents dozens of well-known Japanese companies including Toyota, Hitachi, NEC, Dentsu, Tadano, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Fuji Electric, Hitachi Zosen, Idemitsu Kosan, JGC, Matsuya Foods, Kikkoman, Kurita Water Industries, Mitsui, Nichimen, Mitsumi Electric, Nichirin, Shinko Shoji, Osaki Meter, Paltek Corp., Seiko, Sumitomo, Sumisho Computer Systems, Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Tokyo Electric Wire, and Yamatake.  The firm has also represented the Consulate General of Japan and the Japan External Trade Organization.

We counsel these clients regarding all aspects of their U.S. business operations and our understanding of the Japanese legal system, language, and corporate culture greatly enhances our ability to guide them through the complexities of the U.S. business world.

Our attorneys counsel Japanese companies in connection with forming U.S. subsidiaries and instituting U.S. business operations, mergers and acquisitions, negotiating, drafting, and implementing joint venture agreements, intellectual property matters, including patents and trademarks and developing new business concepts in the U.S.

We also represent Japanese companies and individuals in various immigration and labor and employment matters, including transferring Japanese employees to U.S. offices, complex labor and employment disputes, hiring and firing employees and implementing workforce reductions.

Additionally, we manage and prosecute U.S. litigation matters on behalf of Japanese clients, including assisting in formulating litigation goals, strategies and budgets, and assembling litigation teams equipped to prosecute litigation involving the Japanese language and legal system.

We also counsel non-Japanese clients regarding instituting business operations in Japan, acquiring Japanese assets, structuring joint venture, distributorship and license agreements with Japanese counter-parties, and developing new business concepts in Japan.

We have strong relationships with some of Japan’s premier law firms, and, when necessary, are able to draw upon their resources on behalf of our clients.

Conducting business in Japan requires an understanding of complex Japanese laws and regulations, access to regulatory and government bodies and agencies, and, perhaps more importantly, connections. Our attorneys and senior advisors provide companies seeking to do business in Japan with access to Japanese regulatory and government bodies and agencies and direct inroads to the top levels of corporate Japan.

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